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About this trial

To compare atezolizumab versus single agent chemotherapy in patients who have not yet received any treatment for locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC, who are unsuitable for platinum-containing therapy.

Patients with previously untreated NSCLC with no targetable mutations are typically treated with platinum-doublet chemotherapy. However a significant proportion of these patients have intercurrent illnesses that can potentially affect their ability to receive standard therapy and there is a highly unmet medical need for these patients. Single-agent chemotherapy represents an alternative treatment option. Atezolizumab, an immunotherapy agent, is being investigated as a potential therapy against solid tumors and hematologic cancers. This Phase III, international, multicenter study will randomise patients to either atezolizumab or a single agent chemotherapy regimen and look at the difference in the two groups in terms of overall survival.

Patient Profile

Treatment-naïve patients with locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC who are unsuitable for platinum-containing therapy due to poor performance status (Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status [ECOG PS] of 2-3).

In addition, patients may be eligible as decided by the investigator if they have:
a) substantial comorbidities
b) contraindication(s) for platinum-based antineoplastic drugs.

Where’s this trial being run?

St James’s Hospital, University Hospital Limerick, and Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Can I join this study / trial?

The first thing you do is to talk to your doctor and/or the cancer trials research team in your hospital. The contact details for the cancer trials research units in Ireland is here.

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Summary Data

Name: Roche M029872
Number: 16-25
Full Title:

Phase III, Open-Label, Multicenter, Randomized Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Atezolizumab Compared With Chemotherapy in Patients With Treatment Naïve Advanced or Recurrent (Stage IIIb Not Amenable for Multimodality Treatment) or Metastatic (Stage IV) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Who Are Deemed Unsuitable for Platinum-Containing Therapy

Principal Investigator: Dr Michaela Higgins (Mater Misericordiae University Hospital)
Type: Industry Sponsored


Recruitment Started: Global: July 2017
Ireland: November 2017
Global Recruitment Target: 441
Ireland Recruitment Target: 12-15