We welcome the opportunity to work with industry partners (Bio-pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and other Collaborative Groups) on new trials.

We are particularly interested in being involved at the feasibility stage of new trials.

We can provide oncology expertise and advice on setting up a trial.

We can also assist you in your decision whether to place a trial within our network of 14 hospital based Cancer Trials Research Units across Ireland.

To start a feasibility review process with us, we just need the following information:

  • A protocol synopsis or summary (draft or final)
  • Study timelines, including accrual timelines (local and international)
  • Any specific trial related questions which are critical to evaluating feasibility (e.g. pre-screening tests, standard treatments, sample collection, study assessments etc.)
  • Whether your trial has been approved for conduct in Ireland or whether you are currently bidding/seeking approval to open the trial in Ireland

To contact us, please send your request and relevant study information to:  study_feasibilities@cancertrials.ie

Please also see our website privacy policy statement.


Type of Request - Please Tick

Confidentiality Agreement

If your organisation DOES NOT currently have an active CDA in place with Cancer Trials Ireland can you please arrange that one is put in place as soon as possible

Please outline in the box below your full request in detail and include your deadline for receipt of requested information