DASL HiCaP – Cancer Trials Ireland opening new prostate cancer study

DASLHiCaP is a new randomised phase 3 study aiming to demonstrate that the addition of a new oral hormonal therapy, darolutamide, to the standard radiation therapy and testosterone suppression, improves the outcomes of men with localised high-risk prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer remains the most common cancer in men across the UK and Ireland, and the leading cause of cancer-related mortality for men in developed countries.

Outcomes of the trial will be measured in terms of whether the addition of darolutamide decreases the risk of spread of prostate cancer to other parts of the body, as well as improving quality-of-life and potentially decreasing the risk of prostate cancer death.

DASLHiCaP is scheduled to open in Ireland in late 2020 / early 2021