About this trial

The project ‘MAPPYACTS’ will use both Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and RNA Sequencing of tumor tissue to increase the number of targetable genomic alterations.

Furthermore to improve understanding of the overall molecular profile and possible response to treatment, methylation array, miRNA expression profiles, and study of immunomodulators will be performed on tumor samples subsequently. CLIP2 (INCa-labeled early phase clinical trials centers) – SiRIC (INCa- labeled comprehensive cancer centers) molecular profiling and bioinformatics platforms will contribute with their expertise in molecular profiling projects and characterization of pediatric cancers. Data interpretation of molecular genetic alterations detected by WES and RNA Seq and treatment recommendation will be done within a multidisciplinary therapeutic molecular biology tumor board.

Patient Profile

Relapsed or refractory paediatric tumor.

Where’s this trial being run?

Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Can I join this study / trial?

The first thing you do is to talk to your doctor and/or the cancer trials research team in your hospital. The contact details for the cancer trials research units in Ireland is here.

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Summary Data

Number: 18-19
Full Title:

A Prospective, Multicentre study to stratify targeted therapies adapted to molecular profiling of relapsed or refractory paediatric tumours.

Principal Investigator: Dr Cormac Owens
Type: Collaborative

Gustave Rousy Cancer Centre

Recruitment Started: Global: November 2015
Ireland: October 2018
Global Recruitment Target: 700
Ireland Recruitment Target: Not Available