98-01 B.I.G node positive breast study passes 100 Irish patients mark

During the week of the 6th of November the 100th Irish Patient was enrolled into the B.I.G. node positive study. This is the first time that a multi-national oncology study has accrued 100 Irish patients and must auger well for the future of ICORG and oncology clinical research in Ireland. This achievement is all the more important in light of the fact that this is the first multi-national study that is co-chaired by ICORG. It will help strengthen the ICORG negotiation position when discussing future key projects with companies or collaborative groups. Study has been extended to 2700 patients (ending May 2001 approx.) Ireland has one of the best accrual rates in Europe. SVUH 2nd highest accruing site out of 188 sites worldwide.

Countries Participating

Details of the Irish Sites Contribution (Updated Dec 18th 2000)