Support and Resources

If you, or someone in your life, has been diagnosed with cancer, there are many resources and supports available to help you.

The Irish Cancer Society provide advice for coping with a cancer diagnosis, and can connect you with experienced cancer nurses and other people affected by cancer in your community. 

They can also offer advice on practical matters such as organising transportation to and from treatments work, money and more.

Find out more about their extensive range of supports on their website:

There are helpful services and programmes offered by cancer support centres and groups all over Ireland. These centres can provide safe and confidential support where you live. You can find more information and connect with one local to you here.

There are also support groups and communities that are run by patients and patient advocates, and can be specific to a certain type of cancer. Many of them have an online presence and you can find them via a web search or on social media. Some of the available groups are listed below:

If your organisation offers support to Irish cancer patients and their families, and you would like us to consider including details on this page, please contact us at