What is a trial in the follow up stage?

Trials in this stage are closed to new patients but are not yet complete.

During this stage patients may still be participating in the trial; they may be having routine tests and doctor visits, and their condition may continue to be carefully monitored. The research team will also be gathering and reviewing the data and findings.

Depending on the nature of the trials, some trials can be in the follow up stage for many years.

When the follow up stage is complete, the trial’s results can be published.

Each trial listed here is linked to the world’s most comprehensive listing of trials, clinicaltrials.gov, where you can find out more information about each trial.

Code Study Name Disease Area Study Type
CTRIAL-IE 15-36 Protocol 04-30 Lymphoma & blood cancers Industry
CTRIAL-IE 11-29 ICON8B Gynaecology Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE 17-06 CHRONOS-4 Lymphoma & blood cancers Industry
CTRIAL-IE 15-38 CHRONOS-3 Lymphoma & blood cancers Industry
CTRIAL-IE 19-09 KEYNOTE-775 Gynaecology Industry
CTRIAL-IE 13-23 Neo Adjuvant Abiraterone Prostate Genitourinary In-House
CTRIAL-IE 08-40 SNP study Gastrointestinal In-House
CTRIAL-IE 12-27 CRAC Plasma Biomarker Gastrointestinal In-House
CTRIAL-IE 10-11 Circulating miRNA Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE 14-02 A Randomized Phase III Trial Comparing Radical Hysterectomy and Pelvic Node Dissection vs Simple Hysterectomy and Pelvic Node Dissection in Patients with Low-Risk Early Stage Cervical Cancer Gynaecology Collaborative
CTRIAL 16-20 POSITIVE: A Study Evaluating the Pregnancy Outcomes and Safety of Interrupting Endocrine Therapy for Young Women With Endocrine Responsive Breast Cancer Who Desire Pregnancy Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE 12-31 PDAC Plasma Biomarker Gastrointestinal In-House
CTRIAL 16-07 IPCOR Genitourinary Collaborative
CTRIAL 16-60 CLL13 Lymphoma & blood cancers Collaborative
BMS CA209-577 (CTRIAL-IE 16-73] BMS CA209-577 / CheckMate 577: A Randomized, multicenter, double blind, phase III study of adjuvant nivolumab or placebo in patients with resected lower oesophageal, or gastroesophageal junction cancer. GI Industry
CTRIAL-IE 14-19 CA209-142 A Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Nivolumab and Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab in Recurrent and Metastatic Microsatellite High (MSI-H) Colon C Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE 14-20 Multi-line therapy in unresectable wild-type RAS metastatic colorectal cancer Gastrointestinal Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE04-01 AZURE Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE05-09 IBIS-II Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE06-18 ACOSOG Z1031 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE10-06 BIG 3-07/TROG 07.01 (DCIS) Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE10-08 D-CARE study Breast Industry
CTRIAL-IE06-31 TAILORx Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE06-32 NSABP B-42 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE08-01 CADY Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE09-05 TRIO 0 119/BOLERO Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE10-04 NSABP B-46 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE10-05 TCHL Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE10-07 TRIO 012 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE11-03 SOLE Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE11-10 TH vs THL Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE11-24 NSABP B-47 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-01 SWOG S1007 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-02 E3A06 Myeloma Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-40 EORTC 10085 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-43 TRIO 022 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-45 SNAP Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE14-01 EMBRACA Breast Industry / Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-33 Keynote-119 Breast Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-29 INTELLANCE 2 M14-483 Central Nervous System Industry
CTRIAL-IE12-07 LCCC 1029 Gastrointestinal Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE14-18 APACT Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-15 PrE0204 Gastrointestinal Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-30 MK-3475-061/KEYNOTE-061 Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-37 CHRONOS 2 Lymphoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE08-08 Biomarkers of Response Taxotere Genitourinary In-House
CTRIAL-IE08-17 IMRT Prostate Genitourinary In-House
CTRIAL-IE08-18 CHHiP Genitourinary Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE10-01 Phase II 2nd line pazopanib metastatic RCC study Genitourinary In-House
CTRIAL-IE11-04 ECOG 2809 Genitourinary Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-22 BMS CA209-025/CheckMate 025 Genitourinary Industry
CTRIAL-IE12-29 IMPACT Genitourinary Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE13-21 Radium-223 & Enzalutamide mCRPC Genitourinary  In-House
CTRIAL-IE14-06 ENZAMET Genitourinary  Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-31 MK3475-045/KEYNOTE-045 Genitourinary Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-32 MK3475-052/KEYNOTE-052 Genitourinary Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-45 BMS CA209-214/CheckMate 214 Genitourinary Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-22 JAVELIN 200 Gynaecology Industry
CTRIAL-IE13-12 Novartis CBKM120H2201 HNSCC Head & neck Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-13 MK-3475-040/KEYNOTE-040 Head & neck Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-11 NRG-HN002 Head & neck Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE06-36 ECOG 15-05 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-13 MK-3475-024/KEYNOTE-024 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-14 Abbvie M11-089 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-39 Astra Zeneca ASTRIS 223048 (ASTRIS D5160C00022) Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-16 MK-3475-189/KEYNOTE-189 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-17 BMS CA 209-171 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE12-24 ETOP BELIEF Lung Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-24 Roche IMpower 132 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE07-01 CLL-IRL Lymphoma & blood cancers In-House
CTRIAL-IE13-17 RsqVD Lymphoma & blood cancers In-House
CTRIAL-IE15-10 OPTIMISMM Lymphoma & blood cancers Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-11 MMY3008 Lymphoma & blood cancers Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-13 MK-3475-252/KEYNOTE-252 Melanoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-15 BMS CA209-172/CheckMate 172 Melanoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-24 BMS CA209-238/CheckMate 238 Melanoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE13-02 BMS CA209-067/CheckMate-067 Melanoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE12-51 BRIM8 Melanoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-02 CyBorD-DARA Myeloma Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-47 STS 2006 04 – RMS 2005 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-48 EpSSG NRSTS 2005 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-48 IMRiS Sarcoma Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-08 ROBUST Lymphoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-08 P2001 Acute Leukaemia Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-78 M14-031 Multiple Myeloma Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-79 M15-550 (VENICE I) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-27 BMS CA 209-227 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-18 BMS CA209-451 Checkmate-451 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-21 NALA Breast Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-11 PENELOPEB Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE14-17 EXELIXIS CELESTIAL Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-66 MK3475-240 Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-12 SWOG 1404 Melanoma Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-14 CheckMate 401 Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-23 DARS Head & Neck Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-54 BMS CA209-714 Head & Neck Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-28 MK3475-177 Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-28 FORWARD 1 Gynaecology Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-04 PRIMA Gynaecology Industry
CTRIAL-IE10-15 Exosomal and FE Predictive Biomarkers for HER2 Therapies Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE14-22 Radium-223 vs Placebo study Breast Industry
CTRIAL-IE12-30 TailorX Tissue Bank Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE17-08 KEYNOTE-522 Breast Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-29 MK 3475-181 Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-05 10-028 Oligo-Recurrent Stereotactic Radiotherapy Lung Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-27 BMS CA209-227 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE12-53 SPLENDOUR Lung Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-18 BMS CA209-451 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE17-10 MK3475-604 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE17-36 MK3475-654 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE17-35 MK3475-715 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE15-17 PALLAS Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-16 GEICAM/2014-12 (FLIPPER) Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-49 NeoTRIPaPDL1 Breast Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE13-09 PEACE-1 Genitourinary Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-58 MErCuRIC1 Gastrointestinal Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE12-09 CharactHer Breast In-House
CTRIAL-IE13-22 SYS-ACT Melanoma In-House
CTRIAL-IE16-50 AZA-JMML-001 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-48 EpSSG/NRSTS 2005 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-47 EpSSG/RMS 2005 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-38 NBL—HR-NBL-1.7/SIOPEN Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-33 UKALL2011 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-32 AALL1131 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-31 AALL0932 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-30 AALL08B1 Paediatric Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE15-19 CARD Genitourinary Industry
CTRIAL-IE17-22 Javelin H&N 100 Head & Neck Industry
CTRIAL-IE17-20 BMS CA209-651 Head & Neck Industry
CTRIAL-IE17-23 BMS CA209-9LA Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-61 ETOP 10-16 BOOSTER Lung Collaborative
CTRIAL-IE16-15 Javelin Lung 100 Lung Industry
CTRIAL-IE14-19 BMS CA209-142 Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-77 ARMO Artist Gastrointestinal Industry
CTRIAL-IE16-10 Keynote 185 Multiple Myeloma Industry