New proposals & feasibilities

Cancer Trials Ireland has worked with the pharmaceutical industry and collaborative groups for many years to bring new trials to Ireland for people with cancer.

To strengthen our capability in supporting feasibility for Industry sponsored cancer clinical trials we have an established partnership with the National Clinical Trial Office (NCTO).

The NCTO, funded by the HRB and hosted by University College Cork, was founded to develop the national infrastructure for the conduct of multi-centre clinical trials in all disease and therapeutic areas and act as a central point of contact for Industry and Academic Partners including facilitation and support of new trial feasibility requests.

The NCTO has a collaboration agreement with Cancer Trials Ireland to manage the feasibility process for Industry sponsored cancer clinical trials.

The purpose of our partnership with the NCTO is to provide a central point of contact and expert service to Industry across all disease and therapeutic areas in Ireland.

As part of this process Cancer Trials Ireland continue to review and provide expert advice and opinion on the feasibility of Industry cancer clinical trials. The NCTO liaise directly with Cancer Trials Ireland to ensure all feasibility requests are processed with the aim of maximising success of the trial opening in Ireland.

Each new feasibility is discussed with Cancer Trials Ireland’s Disease Specific Sub Group (DSSG) Chairs to determine scientific and clinical interest and suitability for adoption into the Cancer Trials Ireland portfolio and individual site feasibility performed. All trials that go through this process are successfully adopted into the Cancer Trials Ireland portfolio, assigned a Cancer Trials Ireland number and listed on our website when open to accrual.

In future all new feasibility requests from Industry should be submitted to the NCTO at:


Please include the following information with your request:
• Details of Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) if applicable
• Protocol synopsis/summary and details of the trial’s timelines
• Feasibility survey/questionnaire/survey link
• Timelines for feasibility completion
• Whether trial has been approved for conduct in Ireland or whether currently bidding/seeking approval to open the trial in Ireland

We welcome the opportunity to work with industry partners (Bio-pharmaceutical Companies, CROs and other Collaborative Groups) on new trials and we look forward to working with you and your organisation to bring new cancer trials to Irish patients.

Cancer Trials Ireland will continue to carry out new trial feasibilities for its own In-House trials and for Collaborative group trials independently of the NCTO.