A podcast about cancer clinical trials in Ireland and the things that impact them – funding, policy, ethics & regs, public & patient involvement.

Episode 3

PPI from an Investigator’s Perspective

Eibhlín Mulroe talks to Prof Sean Dinneen, a Consultant Endocrinologist based in Galway & NUIG. They discuss Public & Patient Involvement. “(Patients) have been co-researchers, and co-investigators,” says Prof Dinneen. “They have been a huge part of what we have achieved over the years, and we have completed and published a pilot of a random control trial of that intervention… Recognising early on that we (healthcare professionals) were not going to crack this on our own is how I got involved in PPI and it has been one of the most rewarding things I have done.”

Episode 2

Pancreatic Cancer & Uses of the Pat Smullen Fund

Prof Austin Duffy explains the nature of pancreatic cancer and the particular challenges of treating it – and how a new study (PATCH) hopes to address some of these challenges, thanks to the Pat Smullen Fund. He is followed by Anna Shevlin of Cancer Trials Ireland, who outlines the other ways that the Pat Smullen Fund has contributed to pancreatic cancer studies.

NOTE: This episode was recorded on Oct 28th. Since that time, a study discussed in the podcast (Paricalcitol) was closed to recruitment following an interim statistical analysis.

Episode 1

The HSE National Framework for the Governance, Management and Support of Health Research

Dr Ana Terrés and Eibhlín Mulroe (CEO, Cancer Trials Ireland) have a conversation about health research in Ireland, beginning with the publication of a National Framework for Governance, Management and Support of Health Research. Along the way, Dr Terrés describes her own path into health research, and her current role, and what she does to de-stress (including inflatable paddle-boarding!)

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