Our funding

We are a not for profit organisation with charitable status. Our funding comes from a number of sources.

We receive grant income from the Health Research Board and the Irish Cancer Society and private donations. In 2006, grants represented 64% of our total income. In 2016, it represented 42%.

From the €3 million invested by the Exchequer in 2016, Cancer Trials Ireland generated an additional €4.5 million in income from other sources, saving the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) at least €6.5 million in cancer drugs-costs, generated almost €6 million in tax revenues, contributed €16.5 million to Ireland’s GDP and supported over 230 jobs, mostly high quality specialist positions.

This income is also vital to enable our Cancer Trials Research Units around the country to keep in place the expertise and facilities to meet the Health Protection Regulatory Authority’s (HPRA) regulatory requirements, compete for international trials and undertake non-commercial and collaborative trials that are not fully funded by pharmaceutical funding.

In addition to receiving grant income, during 2016 over half of our income was earned by managing and monitoring cancer trials for pharmaceutical companies and other research groups like ourselves that are based outside Ireland.

We also receive donations from the public. If you would like to contribute to Cancer Trials Ireland and cancer research in Ireland please see our donate section.

To adapt to the changing environment, we have recently strengthened our capabilities at board, clinical and management level and embarked on a new strategic direction.

We are now in a very strong position to leverage further the Exchequer’s investment in cancer trials by attracting extra investment from global pharmaceutical companies and international funders.