About Us

We co-ordinate, monitor and audit cancer trials which are carried out in Cancer Trials Research Units in Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy and France.

Most of our trials are carried out in the network of 14 Cancer Trials Research Units in hospitals across Ireland.

These trials test new and better ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

Patients who take part in these trials get early, free and exclusive access to them. Find out more about these trials here.

We are a not-for-profit registered charity. We are partly funded by the Irish Cancer Society and through a Health Research Board (HRB) grant. We also receive greatly appreciated donations from members of the public. We generate over half our income from the cancer trials services we provide to pharmaceutical companies and international research groups.

During 2015, our cancer trials research units were working on 154 trials involving 6312 patients; 66 were recruiting patients and 88 were in the follow up stage.

Since we were established in 1996, more than 15,000 patients have participated in more than 350 Cancer Trials Ireland cancer trials.

98% of all cancer treating specialists in Ireland are members of Cancer Trials Ireland.

While the vast majority of trials adopted and sponsored by Cancer Trials Ireland are based in Ireland, in more recent times, a number of trials are now including international research centres. One such example is NeoAEGIS CTRIAL-IE (ICORG) 10-14; this will have participation from a number of research units in UK, France and Denmark. The conduct of the trial in each country is supported by local national grants. Cancer Trials Ireland also receives interest from other international groups interested in participating in its trials.