Proposed Major Constitutional Changes

The following proposed major changes to the ICORG constitution (marked in green) will be subject to a referendum, a process we hope to complete before the ICORG Annual General Meeting due to take place in July 2003.

Article III. Officers

The officers of the Group are the Group Chairperson, the Group Vice Chairperson, A Lead Principal Investigator (Lead PI) and one other member of the Principal Investigator Committee, The Modality Chairs from each of Medical, Radiation, Research Specialist, Haematologic and Surgical Oncology, and Irish Cancer Society representative (voting only on business issues). The term of office for these positions shall be four years. The Vice Chairperson also acts as Group Chairperson-elect. These nine officers, together with the former Group Chairs comprise the Executive Committee of the Group.

The Group Chair and Vice Chair are responsible for the oversight of the Chief Executive in conducting the day to day running of Group activities, subject to the approval of the Executive. The Group Chair shall act as secretary, and the Group Vice Chair shall act as treasurer.

Principal Investigator Committee

This will be composed of all the principal investigators from the participating hospitals. This committee will elect a Lead Principal Investigator (Lead PI) and one other person, both of whom will represent it on the executive of ICORG. The ICORG Group Chair, Vice Chair and Chief Executive will also attend all the meetings of The Prinicpal Investigators Committee. The Principal Investigators Committee will meet on a regular basis, at least once per quarter to fulful its functions. The Lead Principal Investigator will chair its meetings.

Article V. Membership

Membership of the Group is open to clinical specialists in fields of medical, radiation, Research Specialists (research specialists being defined as those who in the clinical setting spend the majority of their working week involved in clinical cancer research activities or laboratory based cancer research scientists who have a major commitment to translational research), Haematologic Oncologists and Surgical Oncologists. Candidates for membership must be nominated and seconded by members of the group. The nominee’s application shall then be adjudicated by the Executive. Members are grouped into one of the modality committees. The Group Vice Chair will keep a roster of members. Members will be charged an annual membership fee, which will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting of the Group.