GSK BRAF Melanoma study in Ireland

GSK Ireland were our committed partners in the effort.

In the end the ICORG succeeded and this study opened in Ireland in first week of May 2011.

In the new era of clinical trials focused on lab identified targets this study recruited quicker than any we have ever been associated with, it closed to accrual on the 18th July with 600 patients completing detailed screening and by the time the latest batch of BRAF tests are completed close to 140 patients were enrolled.

This study was a nationwide effort. In the 12 weeks the trial was open to patients in Ireland joining, 27 melanoma patients from all over Ireland were checked for the BRAF status of their tumour at ICORG member hospitals (all hospitals treating cancer are member hospitals), we estimate that this is a high proportion of all of the new advanced melanoma patient who presented at the participating sites in all corners of the country this summer.