IBCSG 35-07 (SOLE) / ICORG 11-03 Study

The SOLE Study closed to enrollment on 12th July 2012 having first opened in November 2007  –  it is a Phase III trial evaluating the role of continuous letrozole versus intermittent letrozole following 4 to 6 years of prior adjuvant endocrine therapy for postmenopausal women with hormone-receptor positive, node-positive early stage breast cancer.

SOLE is an international study (21 countries) and ICORG became involved during Summer 2011 with the first ICORG accrual occurring in late 2011. 11 Irish Hospitals were actively involved in this study.

ICORG are delighted to report that we not only met our target accrual but exceeded it by 12%. The past few months have been very active and many congratulations to all involved in the Hospital Units and GCO for their contributions.