Annual Report 2015

Some of the 2015 Highlights

14 hospital based cancer trials research units around the country were working on 154 trials involving 6312 patients; 66 were recruiting patients and 88 were in the follow up stage. There were also 16 paediatric cancer trials.
Of these 154 trials, 123 involved drugs and/or treatments, 29 were translational trials which involved analysing tissue and/or blood samples and two involved questionnaires/surveys.
These trials resulted in patients being able to access more than 25 new cancer drugs and treatments, thereby saving the HSE millions of euro.
There were 33 articles published in high impact medical journals.
There were more than 50 collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, collaborative groups and universities worldwide.
Exciting new opportunities were explored in Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Lung and Blood cancers.
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