Annual Review 2016

In our recently published Annual Review 2016, Professor Bryan Hennessy, Cancer Trials Ireland’s Clinical lead thanks all consultants, doctors, nurses and staff in research units around the country and our central office, and international collaborative groups that we work with for their dedication and commitment to achieving the highest standards in cancer research.

Eibhlin Mulroe, CEO, of Cancer Trials Ireland, pays tribute to the central office team which she says has been invaluable in the development of Ireland’s capability to undertake cancer trials on par with the best in the world.

“While this work often occurs in the background and is unnoticed, it is work that is of pivotal importance. Our central office team not only enables each trial to successfully navigate the complex journey from idea, to approval, to opening, to patient recruitment, to data analysis, and results publication, it also provides important leadership at each stage. Without its experience, expertise and commitment many cancer trials would not get off the starting blocks,” she said.

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