Irish Cancer Society doubles funding to Cancer Trials Ireland for 2021

Following a phenomenal public response to Daffodil Day 2021, the flagship fundraising campaign for the Irish Cancer Society, Dr Robert O’Connor (Head of Research for the Irish Cancer Society) has confirmed that the Cancer Society is set to double funding to Cancer Trials Ireland for 2021 from €500,000 to €1m. 

The Irish Cancer Society currently funds or part-funds a number of major studies through Cancer Trials Ireland, including a pan-European oesophageal cancer trial, a breast cancer study, an ovarian cancer study, and the Add Aspirin study, which recruits patients across prostate, gastroesophageal, colorectal and breast cancers.

Cancer Trials Ireland CEO, Eibhlín Mulroe, said:

“We are bowled over by the public response to Daffodil Day this year, it is so uplifting to see this level of public support during such a difficult time for the whole country. The extra funding that the Irish Cancer Society can now give to Cancer Trials Ireland is going to be the difference in opening cancer clinical trials that otherwise would not be available. On behalf of the Board of Cancer Trials Ireland, the Clinical Executive and all staff in Cancer Trials Ireland, thank you to the Irish Cancer Society and the amazing people in this country who gave so generously.”