Cancer Retreat 2024 – sessions announced

This year’s theme for the Retreat is “Securing Our Futures”. The agenda is being finalised, and while many of the individual contributors are currently being confirmed we can at this point outline the shape of the event.

We hope that you have already marked the date in your calendar, and we encourage you to attend the event (in RCSI, Dublin) if at all possible. The Retreat is run for the benefit of all CTI members and your participation is essential.

  • Session 1: Plenary

In the plenary session, the event will address learnings from the National Training Day, and the outcomes from the 2024 CTI Board Strategy Day, including the priorities agreed. One of our confirmed speakers will be a major funder of CTI, and we also aim to feature a presentation on a recent submission for PEACEPLUS funding (All-Island initiative).

  • Session 2: Workshop – Learnings from the HRB grant

Preparations are already beginning for the next HRB Grant cycle, so we wanted to provide an opportunity for members to share their experiences and learnings from the current cycle. CRFs, CRCs and sites will receive a simple template feedback tool in advance of the Retreat. These findings will form the basis of discussion on the day – the aim is to start a collaborative dialogue to inform our approach to the grant.

  • Session 3: Panel Discussion – The future of non-drug trials

After the break, there will be a series of short presentations (5 mins approx.) on Nurse-led research, lifestyle studies, RT Trials, Biobanking , PPI, survivorship and more, all followed by a panel discussion, taking us up to our final session: –

  • Session 4: Panel Discussion – CTI in 2030

‘What will the future look like, and how will we get there?’. That will be the theme for opening presentations on: the future of surgical studies, AI in trials, Nursing career development, RT, and medical oncology. The purpose of this session is to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges envisaged in the next 5-6 years, to ensure that CTI (as your research network) is positioned to secure all our futures.

Once again, we encourage you to attend the event in person if at all possible. Virtual attendance will be accommodated, but in light of the collaborative nature of Session 2, we hope as many members as possible can be there on the day. 

Registration will open for the Retreat on week commencing April 7th, 2024.