About this trial

“This is a Phase III, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, international, multi-center trial. Approximately 234 men and postmenopausal women will be randomized to either alpelisib plus fulvestrant or alpelisib-matching placebo plus fulvestrant. Randomization will follow a 1:1 randomization ratio and be stratified by presence of lung and/or liver metastases (yes vs. no) and setting at last prior CDK4/6 inhibitor therapy (adjuvant vs metastatic).

Study treatment with alpelisib plus fulvestrant or alpelisib-matching placebo plus fulvestrant will be initiated on Cycle 1 Day 1, and will continue until disease progression per RECIST v1.1 as per BIRC assessment, start of new antineoplastic therapy, death, lost to follow-up, or withdrawal of consent. A cycle is defined as 28 days.

Participants randomized to the alpelisib-matching placebo plus fulvestrant arm who have disease progression per RECIST v1.1 as assessed by BIRC will have the option to crossover to be treated with alpelisib plus fulvestrant.

Unblinding a single participant at a site will be permitted after disease progression confirmed by BIRC after discussion with the Novartis team to determine eligibility for cross-over to treatment with alpelisib plus fulvestrant.”

Patient Profile

Men or postmenopausal women with HR-positive, HER2-negative advanced breast cancer with a PIK3CA mutation who progressed or relapsed on or after treatment with an AI plus a CDK4/6 inhibitor.

Where’s this trial being run?

Beaumont Hospital, St James’s Hospital, and St Vincents University Hospital

Can I join this study / trial?

The first thing you do is to talk to your doctor and/or the cancer trials research team in your hospital. The contact details for the cancer trials research units in Ireland is here.

Why not Print this page and bring it with you. It will help your doctor and research team advise you.

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Here’s a list of questions you may have for your doctor or local cancer research team.

Summary Data

Name: EPIK-B5
Number: 21-32
Full Title:

EPIK-B5: A Phase III, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study of Alpelisib in Combination With Fulvestrant for Men and Postmenopausal Women With HR-positive, HER2-negative Advanced Breast Cancer With a PIK3CA Mutation, Who Progressed on or After Aromatase Inhibitor and a CDK4/6 Inhibitor

Principal Investigator: Prof Janice Walshe (St. Vincent’s University Hospital)
Type: Industry Sponsored

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Recruitment Started: Global: Nov 2021
Ireland: Jun 2022
Global Recruitment Target: 234
Ireland Recruitment Target: 12