About this trial

Oligometastatic disease refers to a stage of disease where a cancer has spread beyond the site of the primary tumour, but is not yet widely metastatic. In patients with a limited oligometastatic burden, emerging evidence suggests that treatment of all sites of disease with ablative therapies (such as surgery or stereotactic radiation) can improve patient outcomes, including overall- and progression-free survival. Primarily this study aims to compare the effect of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR), relative to Standard of Care (SOC) alone, on overall survival in patients with controlled primary solid tumours and 1-3 current metastatic cancer lesions. Secondary aims for Irish patients are to compare side effects, progression free survival, quality of life. In this study patients will be randomised on a 1:2 ratio to Arm 1 (SOC) vs Arm 2 (SABR) and stratified by histology and disease free interval. Patients will be followed up for 5 years and will be asked to complete quality of life questionnaires at various points throughout the study.
SABR is a type of external radiation therapy. In this study the duration and frequency of treatment will vary depending on the area being treated but will generally be daily or every other day for 1-3 weeks.

Patient Profile

Patients with oligometastatic disease who have 1 controlled primary solid tumour and 1-3 current metastatic lesions, and a maximum of 8 lifetime metastatic lesions.

Where’s this trial being run?

Beacon Hospital, Bon Secours Radiotherapy Cork in Partnership with UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network @ Beaumont Hospital, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network @ St James’s Hospital, and St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network @ St Luke’s Hospital

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The first thing you do is to talk to your doctor and/or the cancer trials research team in your hospital. The contact details for the cancer trials research units in Ireland is here.

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Summary Data

Number: CTRIAL-IE 19-21
Full Title:

Phase III Randomized Controlled Trial and Economic Evaluation of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Comprehensive Treatment of Oligometastatic (1-3 metastases) cancer: SABR-COMET-3

Principal Investigator: Prof John Armstrong (St Luke's Radiation Oncology Network)
Type: Collaborative

BC Cancer Department of Radiation Oncology at BC Cancer – Prince George – Dr Robert Olson

Recruitment Started: Global: 01-Nov-2019
Ireland: 01-Mar-2021
Global Recruitment Target: 330
Ireland Recruitment Target: 30