DSSG meetings 

Individual DSSG meetings will take place during June and July. Details to follow.

DSSG Chair

The job description for the role of DSSG Chairperson is available here.

DSSG Contacts

Clinical Lead, Vice Clinical Lead and  key personnel for each Disease Specific Sub Group (DSSG).

Cancer Trials Ireland Clinical Lead Prof Bryan Hennessy
Cancer Trials Ireland Vice Clinical Lead Prof Ray McDermott
Breast Chair Prof Cathy Kelly
Co-Chair Dr Patrick Morris
Translational Co-Chair Prof Liam Gallagher
Operational Lead Andres Hernando
Lung Chair Dr Linda Coate
Translational Co-Chair Prof Stephen Finn
Operational Lead Ausra Teiserskiene
Genitourinary Chair Prof Ray McDermott
Co-Chair Dr. Paul Kelly
Translational Co-Chair Prof Bill Watson
Operational Lead Helen Matthews
Gastrointestinal Chair Dr Brian O'Neill
Co-Chair Dr Austin Duffy
Translational Co-Chair Prof Jochen Prehn
Operational Lead Aoife Shannon
Haematology/Lymph Chair Dr Patrick Thornton
Translational Co-Chair Dr Derville O'Shea
Operational Lead Tara Kearney
Coordinator Hannah McCarthy
Translational Operational Lead Orla Casey
Coordinator Magdalena Mroz
Gynaecology Chair Dr Dearbhaile O’Donnell
Co-Chair Dr Paula Calvert
Translational Co-Chair Prof Orla Sheils
Operational Lead Anna Shevlin
Coordinator Rebecca Reilly
Melanoma Chair Dr Derek Power
Operational Lead Lisa Tucker
Head and Neck Chair Dr Sinead Brennan
Operational Lead Catherine Smith
Central nervous system Chair Mr Steve MacNally
Operational Lead Verena Murphy
Paediatric Chair Dr. Cormac Owens
Translational Co-Chair Dr Maureen O'Sullivan
Operational Lead Verena Murphy