New Cancer Research Centre open at Mater

The Taoiseach Mr Bertie Ahern recently opened the new €1.5 million Mater University Hospital Institute for Cancer Research, the new Department of Postgraduate Education and the Fintan Gunne Lecture Theatre, all at 48 Eccles Street, Dublin.

The Institute for Cancer Research is under the direction of Prof Desmond Carney. Speaking at the launch, Prof Carney said: “The opening of an Institute for Cancer Research is aimed at providing a facility for education for doctors and nurses in cancer care and provide a resource for the development and participation and coordination of clinical trials among our many patients.

"In 2002, under the direction of my colleague Dr John McCaffrey, the Unit was awarded more than €1 million from the NCI All-Ireland Cancer Initiative for the development and conduct of clinical trials among cancer patients. Such trials allow our patients to receive the latest and most effective treatment for their disease.

The lack of space within the Hospital limits our ability to grow and expand. We want to be able to treat from bench to bedside.

“Now with the opening of this Institute for Cancer Research, it is our wish that many more patients can be recruited onto such trials, which are vital to expand our knowledge for the treatment of cancer patients.”
The function of the Department of Postgraduate Education, under the direction of Dr Padraic MacMathuna, is to promote the development of a quality-driven postgraduate education training and research programme for non-consultant hospital doctors and general practitioners in the catchment area, according to the Mater.

Dr MacMathuna said: “The Postgraduate Medical Centre will closely interface with the adjacent undergraduate facility and all will benefit from the latest IT and innovations, We aim to attract the very best speakers to address current trends and topics in the new Fintan Gunne Lecture Theatre.”