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Hematology Association of Ireland Clinical, Education and Scientific Research Sub-Committees

Research and Education / Travel Grants
The Haematology Association of Ireland invites submissions from interested individuals to the Scholarship fund for the following awards.

Research Grant
Up to two stipends of 5,000 Euro are available in 2005 for projects relating to clinical or scientific research in the area of Haematology. This grant is not suitable for applicants travelling to International meetings (see below). Applications should be related to a specific research proposal. The research grant is intended to support junior investigators or investigators in training and not to support principle investigators. However junior investigators or investigators in training must provide a letter of support from senior/priniciple investigators (the sponsor) in whose lab/department the research will take place The research proposal which should be no more than 3 pages in length (12pt Times New Roman) should indicate

* Title of the project
* Aims of the Project
* Methodology to be employed
* Short description of research proposal
* Budget Justification
* Letter of support from sponsor

If part or all of the research will take place outside the host institution, a letter of support should be provided by the head of the department or laboratory the investigator proposes to visit during the research project.

Education / Travel Scholarships
Five Travel / Education Scholarships, each of 1,000 Euros are offered. Applications should be related to:

1. Funding to support travel to a Laboratory or centre elsewhere to gain experience which could be brought back to Ireland to add to Scientific or Clinical knowledge and/or foster collaborative research.

2. To allow presentation of work done in Ireland at an International forum.

A one page application indicating the laboratory or centre being visited, the benefit to be gained from this activity and how it will improve clinical /scientific knowledge or foster collaborative research should be provided. In the case of presentation of work done in Ireland at an international forum, the meeting, a copy of the abstract and an indication that it has been accepted for oral/poster presentation should be included in the application

Applicants for a Research Grant or the Education / Travel Scholarships must be members of the Haematology Association of Ireland. The awards will be at the discretion of the Clinical, Scientific Research and Education subcommittees of the Haematology Association of Ireland.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday January 28th 2005. All applications should be sent to:

Prof Mark Lawler
Department of Haematology
Institute of Molecular Medicine
St James’s Hospital Dublin 8
Please indicate clearly which grant is being applied for: