Grant awarded for ‘National Cancer Clinical Trial Network’ (2022-2027)

Cancer Trials Ireland has been awarded almost €7m (6.94m) by the HRB, having successfully applied for the ‘National Cancer Clinical Trial Network’ grant. The period of the grant runs from January 2022 until December 2026.

In line with the application’s requirements, Cancer Trials Ireland made a joint application with a ‘Host Institution’ (also known as Academic Partner) – the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (RCSI). The HRB will award a formal contract to RCSI, through whom funding to Cancer Trials Ireland will be channelled.

Where previously HRB grant funding has been prescriptive in terms of disease areas, and trial types, the new funding model provides ‘core’ funding to Cancer Trials Ireland, thereby allowing the organisation more latitude to choose they kinds of trials it can support. These decisions will still be heavily guided by the HRB’s desire to see an increase in Investigator-Led Trials, but the new model does allow Cancer Trials Ireland to support industry trials, if its decision-makers (DSSG, Clinical Executive, Board) deem such a trial speaks to unmet patient need, or for other compelling reasons.

Finally, the new funding cycle will see Cancer Trials Ireland moving from its current premises in DCU Alpha, Glasnevin, the campus of RCSI in St Stephen’s Green. Cancer Trials Ireland will communicate updates about the move, and any effects it may have for our stakeholders, in the weeks and months ahead.

Cancer Trials Ireland CEO, Ms Eibhlín Mulroe, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have received this award with RCSI. A huge amount of work went into the application, and I want to thank all of the investigators, GCO staff, internal staff and members of the RCSI team who contributed to a well-received document. The review panel said they, ‘…considered this to be a good proposal and recognised the important role the team play in bringing in international collaborative trials to Ireland.”