How to start a trial

If you have an idea for a trial, the first step is to discuss your idea with the chair of the Disease Specific Sub-Group (DSSG) you are aligned to.

Our very knowledgeable and experienced staff at Cancer Trials Ireland Group Central Office (GCO) are also available for advice, particularly in the area of protocol development and data & statistical analysis.

If your DSSG chair is supportive of your proposal, the next step is to develop a concept submission for discussion at the next DSSG meeting.

The DSSGs meet twice a year. If your DSSG supports your concept, it then gets sent out for international peer review. If the response is favourable, the next stage is for your concept to go before the Scientific Management Group. This group evaluates all study proposals put forward by DSSGs and ratifies studies which meet its scientific and resource criteria, and strategic objectives.

Funding can naturally be a stumbling block, but we can also help you navigate your way through the possible funding streams. These can include the Health Research Board, the Irish Cancer Society and pharmaceutical companies which may be interested in supporting your idea.

So if you have an idea, why not come to the next DSSG meeting and discuss it with your colleagues.