IMB Auditing Most commonly made mistakes in Ireland

The ICORG central office have been involved to lesser or greater extent in 5 IMB audits, the most common errors found can be discussed with the ICORG central office. All audits were passed without critical findings.

An extensive list of the most common errors will be posted on the site in the near future.

2 ICORG study sites pass Irish Medicines Board GCP Audit

Two ICORG sites past Irish Medicines Board audit: There is a new initiative by the Irish Medicines Board to audit a percentage of the most active Irish investigators each year. This started in 1999. Two ICORG study sites were chosen for review in the first year. The audit possibility has always been available to the Irish Medicines Board in the past but for a variety of reasons has not been enforced prior to 1999.

ICORG continues its key role in the expansion of oncology research in Ireland

ICORG will be continuing its key role in the expansion of Oncology clinical research in Ireland next year through a variety of initiatives. These will include a research nurse training week in March. 13 new studies are currently planned with more than 10 others under consideration. 4 ICORG Irish study set up meetings are planned for January and February, to follow on from the successful one held in December for the prostate study. In general ICORG will be bringing enough sponsored studies to the many active centres to ensure that many if not all of the centres can expand their research nurse resource. There are also initiatives planned in the areas of patient advocacy and fund raising. Most of these moves will be advertised both on the web site and in the medical press.